Front-End Software Engineer

I’d like to apply for the Front-End Software Engineer position I saw on Here are a few links to quickly get you familiar with coding and work history:

Most of my professional work history has centered around WordPress. I’ve built more than a dozen WordPress websites from scratch (PSD or Sketch files) and worked on many others that were already in some stage of development. I’ve written a few tutorials here on my website where you can see my thought process. You can find them in the General Geekery archive. I’ve setup websites on various hosts (and use Linux for my desktop OS) so I’m comfortable with the command line and familiar with SSH, FTP, and bash scripting.

Since you mentioned Jekyll in the job announcement, I’ve been working with Jekyll for about two years and I’ve built almost exclusively on Jekyll for the last year. I wrote a starter kit a while back so I don’t have to start from scratch every time and wrote a bash script to quickly get my local development environment setup. I’ve been working on a shopping cart for Jekyll and should have a demo and blog post about it soon.

Since you mentioned creating sites that are simple and can function without JavaScript, I thought I’d share two articles: The Internet Is Unstable by Parker Moore and The Website Obesity Crisis by Maciej Cegłowski. Having spent many years in Thailand where the internet is slow and unstable, I’ve spent my development career getting pages to function with as little JavaScript as possible and to be as light weight as possible. Maciej’s web pyramid image sums up my use of technologies in a website:

Here is a short video demoing the use of CSS where JS is more typical:

While I don’t have much in the way of React or Angular experience, I am interested to learn and have started working through some tutorials to get a better feel. I have used vanilla JavaScript and jQuery in many projects and feel comfortable with those.

I’ve worked remotely both as a freelancer and about half the time at my last company. I’m not a big fan of Slack but make a lot of use of Trello and P2 / o2 systems. I also use online video a lot, whether that’s tutorials, walk-throughs, or live screen sharing.

I’ve built and marketed my own website service. It is called WebNiyom—think SquareSpace for the Thai market. It’s largely shutdown now and my partners are still service existing customers. (It also was built on Jekyll and uses CloudCannon for hosting).

I’m excited about the possibility to work with Fight for the Future and look forward to hearing from you.