About Me

I'm a web developer who has recently return to the US after eight years in Thailand.

I'm constantly learning web technologies and other development related topics. I'm currently working through the freeCodeCamp curriculum to improve my JavaScript knowledge.

When we meet, there are a few things I will try to convince you of ...should you ask:

  • Wrestling based arts are better than striking based arts.
  • The reason you failed to learn a second language is because you were trying.
  • Linux (or open source in general) is way better than whatever you are using now.


Web Developer

2016 - Present

I've been working for various clients on web projects that include the following:

  • Custom Jekyll Themes
  • CloudCannon & GitHub Pages Hosting
  • WooCommerce
  • Custom WordPress Themes

WordPress Developer

2014 - 2016
Red Orange LTD (Iglu), Chiang Mai, Thailand

I worked with company clients and a Thai designer to build custom websites. Most were converted from PSD and built on Wordpress. Here are a few technologies we used:

  • Converted PSDs to Functioning WordPress Themes
  • Genesis Framework, Underscores
  • Gulp (Sass, CSS and JS Concatenation and Minification)
  • PHP, MySQL
  • Git
  • Server Setup and Maintenance (cPanel)
  • DNS Setup via CloudFlare
  • SEO (Webmaster Tools, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs)

Network and Systems Support

1999 - 2008
Various Companies

I worked for almost ten years as a Network and Systems Administrator as an active duty Marine and as a government contractor. I also worked in technical support roles for private companies such as Integra Telecom and public organizations such as Portland Public Schools.

I've condensed most of my work history into this "various roles" section as it was support roles and not development. I can reminisce about these employment experiences at your request. Ask me about the time I saved the government tens of thousands of dollars per year so I could play video games. Starcraft and Delta Force 2, if you're curious.


Open Source Software
Jekyll Cart - A Jekyll based shopping cart built with simpleCart(js) that allows email checkout.
Jekyll Boilerplate - A starter kit for responsive Jekyll themes.
SimpleSheets Shopping Cart - Shopping cart app that uses Google Sheets for product management.
Jekyll Weekly - A (somewhat)weekly round-up of Jekyll news and articles.

Skills & Proficiency


3 - 4 Years

WordPress Themes

3 - 4 Years

Sass & Gulp

2 - 3 Years


2 - 3 Years


2 - 3 Years

WordPress Plugins

2 - 3 Years

Sketch & PSD Conversion

2 - 3 Years


2 - 3 Years

JavaScript & jQuery

1 - 2 Years

Bash, WP-CLI

1 - 2 Years