Hi. My Name is Brad West.

I'm a web developer living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The bio area above should give you a good idea of my broader interests, but if your looking for the long version, it's below.

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About Brad

I worked in IT support for almost 10 years. I bounced from desktop support to server support trying to find something that fit. Then in the early 2000s I was introduced to Mixed Martial Arts and wanted to become a professional fighter. In 2005 I had my first (and to date, only) Mixed Martial Arts fight. I learned two important lessons from that fight. First, fighting is a really hard way to make money and second, there's a massive difference between liking something and liking the idea of something. I was sold on the idea of being a professional fighter, but the grind of going to the gym everyday was very different than I thought it'd be. And since I didn't win the genetic lottery I knew it would be a long hard road if this was to be my life's work.

It was just after this, and largely because of the fight, I started to consider entrepreneurship. I had no idea how to run a business or even what business I wanted to start. Then I was laid off in late 2008 and decided it was time. If I was going to start a business this was my chance. Since I didn't know what else to do, I thought I'd go to university. But university is expensive in the US. Even with the GI Bill I was going to have to work part-time so I started to look for cheaper options. I decided on Thailand and emailed a couple of universities. Only one emailed me back. A few months later I was enrolled at Payap University in Chiang Mai.

I attempted a number of projects that didn't work out and by 2014 my GI Bill was running low. I decided to take a position with a local software development company called Iglu. I started off doing marketing, project management and a variety of backend office work (things like writing SOPs and building a company wiki to house them). I then started administering existing Joomla sites and eventually building Wordpress sites. Now I spend most of my time with custom web development.

Get in Touch

If you find yourself in Chiang Mai, I'm always up for a cup of coffee. My handle on most social networks is bradonomics, but I much prefer email as a communication method: [email protected].