My Name is Brad West

Brad West

—that's me on the right.

For years I struggled with the idea of what work I was supposed to do. I'd go back and forth on doing something that really made me feel alive versus doing something because it had a bigger payout. Then in 2009, shortly after arriving in Thailand, I saw a video about food forests by Geoff Lawton. I already had ideas about personal finance that were counter to the mainstream, but Lawton's ideas on self-reliance via food forests sent me further down the rabbit hole. I used to see entrepreneurship, and the big payouts, as the only way to pursue what I really wanted in life, but now I could see another path to freedom.

Finding Freedom and Chasing Dreams

After high school I joined the US military. I was sent to Okinawa, Japan for one year, then returned to California. After leaving the military I moved to Hawaii, then Oregon and back to California. Most of that time I worked as a computer tech but dreamed of becoming a professional mixed martial arts fighter. In December 2005 I fought in Matt Lindland's SportFight, my dream was realized, but it wasn't what I wanted. Walking to the ring, the noise of the crowd, the exhaustion of the fight and the relief when it was over—it was an amazing experience, but I knew it wasn't to be my life's work.

After getting laid-off in late 2008 I decided it was time to chase another dream, entrepreneurship. I decided to use my GI Bill go to university and make the transition from employee to entrepreneur. I felt I'd need a few years since I didn't have the skills to run my own company and no idea what type of company I wanted to start. But it's expensive to attend university in the US—even with the GI Bill—so I moved to Thailand.

And that's what things have been about for the last decade or so, finding freedom and chasing dreams.

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