Are you old enough to remember blogrolls? They used to be popular and I think they should be again. I use an feed reader to keep up with the bloggers I like. If you do not, you should probably look into that.

If you have a blog you think I’d like, you should email me. I promise to read at least one article. If I like it enough I’ll subscribe. And maybe I’ll link to it here.


Still Drinking: Humorous writing by a guy from Brooklyn: Programming Sucks, Job Advice

Expat Software: An American expatriate running a software company from the road: Happiness is a Boring Stack, Two Weeks Vacation

Random Wire: Photo essays of Asia.

Craig Mod: Walking, writing, publishing, and photography, mostly in Japan. You can get the newsletters and all by RSS.

The Adventures of Furochan: A Malaysian writer, tour guide, and travel consultant based in Tokyo. Technically this is a newsletter, but there is an RSS feed.

ExSaaSperated: The adventures of two software developers on a quest to start a small SaaS business.

Well Known but Still Good

Paul Graham: Cities and Ambition, What You Can’t Say

Mr Money Mustache: The godfather of early retirement.

Dormant; Read the Archives

TropicalMBA: Just a podcast these days, but once upon a time Dan Andrews wrote about building a business while traveling: Finding My 5 Hours, The Script

Kalzumeus: A software entrepreneur who spends far too much time on Twitter. I wish he’d return to blogging: Salary Negotiation, Don’t Call Yourself A Programmer

Wait But Why: Complete randomness, but fairly well researched: The Fermi Paradox, The Artificial Intelligence Revolution


It is hard to find good stuff on the web these days. As much as I like blogs, a curated newsletter can find those one-off articles that are really good without having to slog through post after post on a bad blog.

Hacker Newsletter: Some of the stuff on Hacker News is great but who has the time to look through it all? Hacker Newsletter sends me the best-of-the-best every Friday.

Crypto-Gram Newsletter: A monthly digest of Bruce Schneier’s blog.