Hi. My Name is Brad West.

I'm a web developer and I've been living in Thailand since 2009.

What I've Worked On

My development experience has centered around WordPress, but I've become fasinated with Jekyll as of late.

I typically build WordPress sites with the Genesis Framework so I built a starter theme I call Genesis Boilerplate that includes my most used functions and my preferred Gulp setup. You can read more about my process on my blog.

I'm not overly excited about how much Javascript is being used in front-end design and as a result haven't spent much time learning it but I can make my way around a few libraries. In an effort to improve my knowledge I built a shopping cart that uses Google Sheets to house the products and uses Handlebars.js and Sheetrock.js to display them. I called it SimpleSheets Shopping Cart.

There are a few other projects and code snippets on GitHub.

What I'd Like to Do Next

I've lived in Thailand for seven years. The tech scene in Thailand isn't the same as North America or Western Europe. It is difficult to find work as a non-citizen, most of the companies based in Southeast Asia are doing cheap contract development which is less interesting than working on a product with long-term goals, and there are not as many meetups for intellectual stimulation.

Continuing to work with WordPress and Jekyll is interesting to me as is the possibility to move into a more back-end roll with Ruby. I'd very much like to find a position that would allow me to work in Europe, or New Zealand, or Australia, but I'm also open to returning to the US and also remote positions.