Privacy Policy and Disclosures

I hate that I have to have this page on my site. I hate that lawyers got involved and littered the internet with this garbage …but here we are.

Terms of Service

You want to assume you’re being scammed and/or ripped-off at all times while on this website, that you have no privacy while here, and that the authors, sponsors, or anyone affiliated with this site are not responsible in any way, for anything.

FTC Compliance Notice

To comply with America’s Federal Trade Commission regulations, I’ve got to tell you that I might make money from this site. So to that end: assume that if I interview someone, they have a financial interest in me or I have a financial interest in them. Assume any links are affiliate links or advertisements. Assume if I’m in a photo wearing a t-shirt with a logo, that someone paid me to wear it. Assume if I recommend a service or product someone paid me to do so.

Privacy Policy

Note that this is a website and as such acts no different than most other websites. I have chosen not to collect data or track your visits, but I might still try to sell you stuff. I am trying a test with Plausible Analytics. Plausible does not collect personal data or personally identifiable information, it does not use cookies, it does not track across devices or websites, and is GDPR and PECR compliant. You can read more about how they collect data on their site.

This site is hosted with GitHub Pages and uses Cloudflare for content distribution. If either of those services attach cookies or otherwise track you, that’s on them. You can probably find their privacy and terms-of-service notices in their footers.