I start with curated newsletters. My favorite is Hacker Newsletter. Sometimes I’m doing a search and find something interesting. Sometimes it’s links in an article from a writer I already follow.

The flow basically looks like this:

If there is a Now page, I read the Now page. If there is an About page, I read the About page. If there is a Start Here page, I read the Start Here page. After that I visit the homepage.

What I’m looking for is more than one article that looks good. If I find three or four that look interesting, I’ll probably add the site to my RSS reader.

An example from a recent sleuthing: Gerg Orosz has written a blog for about six years, he’s authored three books, and recently started a newsletter. I wanted to find if Greg had written anything about the publishing of his books. I started with this google search site:blog.pragmaticengineer.com writing books. That lead me to his article called Undervalued Software Engineering Skills: Writing Well. In that article he linked to a tweet where he listed a few authors talking about writing.

I didn’t find what I was looking for on Greg’s site, but I did fine three new blogs that might find a home in my RSS reader.