In Memory of Hollis Hudetz

Hollis Hudetz holding me somewhere in Los Angeles

An Ode To Chicken Legs By Hollis Hudetz

Dainty little chicken legs
pokin’ out like wooden pegs
get me where I want to go
through the hills and creeks and snow.
Should I e’er get in a fight
my enemy will see my might
does not reside down there below
and so that’s where he’ll aim his blows.
But verily to his surprise
my bony knees will WHACK his thighs!
And ever will he curse the day
that chicken legs came out to play.
And too it’s better there’s no meat-
it gives the beasts nothing to eat!
So they will let me pass on by
and never once I’ll catch their eye.
So better off I think you’ll be
if you have chicken legs, like me.